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Welcome to E.R.D

"Enterprise reverse directory" allows you to view all the contacts of your colleagues, customers, and supplier within your company. make and receive calls, and view hierarchy and emails of a certain contact.


Creating a memorable typeface symbol for the three initials of “Enterprise Reverse Directory”.


Custom icons uniquely designed for the main three user types.


Home screen

Showing all the contacts within your enterprise, divided into three categorised tabs.

Contact details screen

Shows the basic info of the contact, his hierarchy withing the organization, and the latest 5 emails between you and him.

Search result screen

User can use the floating search button to search globally for a certain contact.

Call screen

Shows the calling contact, his type, name, job title, the latest emails and hierarchy within the organization.


Expand and collapse

Scroll up and down to expand and collapse the top area for a better use of the spaces.

Swipe and tap

Swipe left and right, or tap on top icons to navigate through different user types.


Tap on the search floating button to search for a user within the 3 types of users.

User details

Tap on a user to open its details view, scroll to expand and collapse, view hierarchy and toggle emails to and from the user.

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